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We Love Cake!

But we also respect our bodies and want to be healthy!

So Dinki develops and produces a range of delicious cakes and baked goods that only use REAL food ingredients – no fake or artificial ingredients. We also wanted more nutritional value – so most of our cakes are packed with different combinations of fresh fruit and vegetables to achieve the right balance of flavor, texture and color in each cake.

Our products include:
Fresh Fruits        Fresh Vegetables        Dried Fruits        Honey          Nuts           Seeds
100% Butter       Dark Chocolate            Real Cream       Real Cream Cheese      Quark (Fresh Cheese)

Dinki does not add:
Artificial Ingredients
Commercial Mixes

How does this affect Flavour?

Many natural and health food products lack flavour – but not Dinki products! Flavour is our number one priority; and we want every bite to be delicious and intense! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

What about Sugar?

Most cakes have high sugar content, or even worse, chemical sweeteners. Even our Dinki natural cakes need some sugar content, but we also rely on the natural sweetness of fruit and vegetables and so are able to use less sugar in our cakes.

What about Carbohydrate?

Cakes are high in carbohydrate. Most of the carbohydrate in cakes comes from the flour content. Dinki cakes relies on a high proportion of bulk and fibre from fruit & vegetables, to reduce the flour content significantly, by 30-50% in many of our cakes.

So now I can eat cake every day?

Cakes are a treat, and no matter how natural, it is never good to eat a lot of snack food; unless you have a very active life-style. However, what is life without a treat now and then? So even though we don’t eat cake every day  –  we can eat Dinki cake regularly, without harming our bodies, and benefiting from the extra nutritional value that we add through fruits, vegetables and nuts.

A note about Brownies!

Brownies are very rich, usually packed with chocolate and butter. Many Brownies have a high sugar content, and often include unhealthy non-food ingredients such as candies, lollies, oreos, etc.  However, we feel that Brownies are a necessary part of enjoying life; so Dinki makes a large range of scrumptious Brownies with real butter, dark chocolate, a minimum of sugar, and various nuts and dried fruits. NO non-food ingredients!

For a Healthy Lifestyle …..

  • Dinki also makes a delicious & healthy Honey Toasted Fruit & Nut Muesli. Generously packed with loads of dried fruits, nuts and seeds; and NO added sugar or fat! This is a Muesli you can eat every day!
  • Our Hi-pro Muesli Bars are also a great healthy life-style choice! With no added sugar, 11 different seeds & nuts, and several different fruit varieties to choose from; our delicious & popular Muesli Bars can be chowed down on regularly for both energy and health.